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Hardy Water Plants

Hibiscus coccineus

Swamp hibiscus grows 5-6’ tall and 3-4’ wide with soft, large palmate leaves and large deep red flowers in summer.  Plant in full to partial sun.  water depth-maximum 2”.

Acorus Calamus 'Variegatus'

Acorus Calamus 'Variegatus' is a superior plant for ornamental pools.  It has cream striped, sword like foliage that reaches 2-3' high.  More slow growing and compact than Acorus calamus but has the same small flower spike.  Plant at edge of pond at a depth of 0-3".

Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’

Japanese dwarf rush grows 10” with rich golden variegated foliage forming dense clumps.  Water depth 2-5”.  Requires full sun to partial shade.

Acorus gramineus ‘Variegates’

Variegated Japanese dwarf rush grows 6-12” with green and creamy white foliage forming dense clumps.  Water depth 2-5”.  Requires full sun to partial shade.

Acorus gramineus 'Variegatus'

Dwarf Rush grows 6-12” with green and creamy white foliage forming dense clumps.  Water depth 2-5”.  Requires full sun to partial shade.

Arundo donax 'Variegata'

Striped Giant reed towers to 8' with cornstalk-like bluish foliage and white variegation.  Large plumes appear in September.  Plant at water edge or in a marsh (bog) setting.

Equisetum scirpoides

Dwarf Horsetail grows 12” tall.  Dramatic accent plant for damp sites.  It is highly invasive and best grown in containers.  Grows at pond edge.  Water depth-maximum 4”.  Requires full sun to partial shade.

Equisetum hyemale

Horsetail, a very ancient plant growing 32-40" tall, is a decorative plant with dark green, segmented stems.  Also called scouring rush because it was used by settlers to clean pots.  Grows at pond's edge.  Water depth-maximum 6".  Requires full sun to partial shade.

Glyceria aquatica 'Variegata'

Variegated Manna Grass has pink, grassy foliage in  spring and brightly variegated leaves in summer.  Grows in full sun.  Water depth 2-6”.  Requires full sun to partial shade.

Houttuynia cordata ‘Chameleon’

The chameleon plant grows 8-12” tall with heart shaped leaves of blue-green, yellow and red variegation with white blooms with yellow centers.  Water depth-moist to maximum 4”.  Blooms May thought August.  Requires full sun to partial shade.  This aggressive grower should be confined to containers.

Penny_Wort.jpg (23293 bytes)

Hydrocotyle species

Pennywart grows 2-5” tall,  forming an evergreen mat of circular, crinkle-edged waxy leaves with white tufts of flowers from July through August.    Requires full sun to partial shade.  Water depth-maximum 2”.

Hygrophila difformis

Water wisteria has attractive lime green, delicately leaved, fernlike foliage that forms underwater mats. Violet-purple flowers appear in summer. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Water depth-maximum 6".

Iris louisiana

Iris ‘Blue flag’ grows to 3’ with varying blue flowers.  Mid-season bloomer.  Full sun.  Water depth-moist to maximum 6”.

Iris pseudacorus

The native yellow sweet flag grows 30-48” tall with brilliant yellow blooms in early summer.  Requires full sun.  For best results, plant in one or two large clumps.  Water depth-maximum 12”.

Juncus effuses “Spiralis”

Corkscrew Rush has small curly stocks like a corkscrew. Grows in a clump 6-8” tall.  Requires full sun to partial shade.  Water depth-maximum 2”  

Lobelia x speciosa 'Queen Victoria'

The cardinal flower cultivar 'Queen Victoria' grows 24-36" tall with spikes of brilliant red flowers atop bronze foliage.  Blooms midsummer to early fall.  Water depth maximum 5".  Plant in full sun to partial shade.

Ludwigia peploides

Ludwigia sports primrose-like flowers with long winding stems, creeping across water and muddy areas.  Glossy leaves form dense mats of attractive rosettes.  Confine this aggressive grower to a container.  Blooms April to June.  Full sun to partial shade.

Lysimachia nummularia

Creeping jenny or moneywort grows in mats 3” tall with round green leaves and vibrant yellow cup-shaped flowers in summer.  Water depth-maximum 2”.  Requires full sun to partial shade.

Menyanthes trifoliata

The bog bean has attractive foliage and white flowers.  Spreads as runners.  Full sun.  Water depth moist to maximum 2". 

Myosotis palustris

Water forget-me-not has fragrant, dense clusters of small, bright blue flowers whith yellow eyes appearing in early spring.  The green foliage grows in sun to shape 8-10” above the water.  Water depth-maximum 6”.

Myriophyllum aquaticum

Parrot’s feather is a good oxygenator and creates fish spawning habitat in ponds as well as being useful as a bog plant.  Fast growing with lush, lacy, lime green foliage, it thrives in sun or shade.  Water depth-maximum 24”.

Oenanthe japonica 'Flamingo'

This water celery cultivar has remarkable foliage of green, white and pink.  It reaches 6-8" high and grows at water's edge.  Requires full sun to partial shade.  Water depth moist to 3".

Peltandra virginica

Arrow arum creates attractive clumps of lush, shiny arrow-shaped leaves.  Blooms in midsummer with pale green flowers followed by lime green barriers.  Grows to 0” tall in full sun to slight shade.  Water depth-maximum 5”

Pontederia cordata

Pickerel weed grows in sun to partial shade from 2-3’ tall with heart or lauced shaped, glossy green leaves.  Violet-blue bloom spikes appear from spring through early fall and are good as cut flowers.  Thrives in dense colonies along pond edges and bogs.  Water depth-maximum 12”.

Ranunculus repens 'Butter Popcorn'

Gold variegated buttercup is an evergreen plant with serrated leaves that have gold centers surrounded by wide borders of chartreuse.  This plant grows well in sun or shade and reaches a height of 10 -12".  water depth maximum 2".

Samolus parviflorus

Water pimpernel grows in sun to partial shade up to 4" tall with rosettes of bright green oval leaves.  Flowers appear in spring and resemble baby's breath.  Water depth maximum 6".

Saururus cernuus

Lizard's tail is a bog plant that grows in full sun to shade heart-shaped leaves and become colorful in fall.  Fragrant curving spikes of white flowers appear in summer.  Water depth maximum 6".

Scirpus Holoschoenus

Reed rush is a hardy marginal and bog plant with thin grassy green foliage.  A silver streak runs down the middle of each blade.  Grows thickly in willowy clumps in full sun.  Water depth maximum 6".

Spilanthes americana repens

American Spilanthes has small yellow daisy-like flowers with large center mounds.  The flowers last 3-4 weeks.  This native plant is a vigorous trailing groundcover.  Reaches a height of 6" in full sun to partial shade.  Water depth maximum 3".

Stachys Palustris

Marsh betony is a wonderful marsh plant with narrow, nettle-like foliage and whorls of purple-red flowers in summertime.  Reaches a height of 12" in full sun to partial shade.  Water depth maximum 3".

Typha minima

Miniature cattail grows in full sun with very slender, stiff leaves reaching 18” tall.  Rising above the foliage in late summer are decorative miniature brown cylindrical seed heads on 20”-30” stalks.  Water depth moist to maximum 2”.

Veronica beccabunga

Brooklime has fleshy, cylindrical hollow stems and small blue flowers with white centers, which bloom throughout the summer.  It's semi-evergreen.  Reaches 12" in full sun to partial shade.  Water depth maximum 4".

Selection my very do to the month, and weather!


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